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You're an optimistic Leo Yet, if you come across someone who is grumpier than normal today, show them some of your warmth. Even if they don't show gratitude, they'll feel it. Virgo Back to top Daily Forecast Anyone who has studied the characteristics of your sun sign understands something important about Virgoans. You dislike being 'persuaded' to do things.

You're not the kind of person who can be sweet-talked and coerced into embarking on anything you don't want to do. You never make your mind up before carefully considering the options; and intuitively understand elements that other people fail to see. Don't let anyone push you into doing what you don't want to do today.

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Libra Back to top Daily Forecast Even people who cultivate a bolshy, devil-may-care attitude are seldom so tough that they encourage criticism, blame and critique. Only caricature villains take genuine pleasure in being despised and these are always fictional.

Cosmological forces have been gently coaxing you to feel more generous about someone's poor behaviour. Today brings an opportunity for a helpful, even reconciliatory discussion. You can diffuse potential fireworks and take a step towards harmony. Scorpio Back to top Daily Forecast People only think they have all the answers when they're not asking the right questions. When we fail to scrutinise our expectations, it's as if we're looking at the world through the arrow slit of a medieval castle; it's very easy to tell ourselves that we can see all that there is to see, and know all there is to know about a person or situation.

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Yet, life's mysteries are complex; and unless you appreciate the subtleties, you can't fully appreciate its mysteries. Don't be tempted to rely on logic today. Sagittarius Back to top Daily Forecast Do all difficult questions have difficult answers? Surely there are some that have easy and obvious solutions; it's just that, for one reason or other, we struggle to see what they are?

You're facing an interesting quandary; either you simply follow the path that everyone around you seems content to follow, or you can create your own, complicated route through an obstacle-strewn course. Don't give in to pressure. Your way will bring valuable experience that will benefit others as well as you.

Capricorn Back to top Daily Forecast Who decides what is, and isn't, 'newsworthy'? Who interprets the events, and stage-manages the information that shows us the excesses of humanity, the cruelty of natural disasters and the abuses of authoritarian power?

And why can't they tell us something cheerful for a change? It's time to take your inner editor to one side. There's so much more to life than doom and gloom, misery and despair. Make an effort to focus on what's good, pure and positive today. Aquarius Back to top Daily Forecast No wonder you're slightly reluctant to take another challenging situation on board.

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In the situation you're in, it's wise to be a little cautious. It's okay not to want to upset the apple cart when you're confident that all its contents are in perfect condition. But if just one of the apples is rotten Sooner or later, you're going to have to deal with a wagon filled with cider! There's something that needs to be done. Don't waste time putting it off. Pisces Back to top Daily Forecast Are our complex minds hard-wired to feel happy? Have we been designed to experience joy? If so, why do we so often feel frustrated and challenged?

We tend to do everything within our grasp to fill the space within, from which we can contemplate the nature of our lives, and our purpose here. Yet the emptiness we dread holds the potential to magically transform our approach to reality. Plant a seed of hope in it, and the roots will deepen.

The fruits will affect your entire life. Inspiring ideas will take a hobby or creative endeavour to an exciting new level. A challenging job opportunity will expand your professional horizons. It will be a chance to add a new string to your bow. You may also commit to a health goal, so gather your resources — it will take a concerted effort to see this through.

Beautifying your home or adding sentimental touches will be a joy but a lot of work. A personal project will surge ahead and this will be experiential learning at its best. Singles, this may hold romantic promise. A domestic or family project will take off and it will be time to invest money and energy and make the most of it. An unusual outing or encounter will bring fun surprises.

A thoughtful gift or generous gesture from another will touch your heart. The caring intentions behind it will be meaningful to you emotionally. Going further afield will bring fun learning experiences. An unusual home or family situation will keep you guessing and it will twist and turn as it unfolds.

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